Workshops pimp a clog

Painting or pimping your own old-fashioned clogs to your own taste...
You can style your own clogs at these cosy workshops at the clogbarn.

You can get to work after a short introductionn and some examples on how to style your own clogs. You can pimp them with paint, lether, fabrics, straps, ribbons, nails and more fun materials.

The workshops are given in the beautifully clogbarn (the workshops can also be given on location, in consultation). All workshops include materials, coffee, thea and something tasty from € 15,00.

  • Painting souvenirclogs
  • Painting flowerclogs
  • Painting bird-feedingclog
  • Painting birdhouse clog
  • Painting/stylling and old-fashioned Dutch clog in your size.
  • Styling exclusive clogs (step in-model clogs)

Workshop making clogs

Try it yourselve and feel how it is to make a clog. Take a look in our clogbarn and experience to work with wood. These workshops will start at September 2016. For more information please contact us via email of call us. 

Complete whole day packages

Besides the workshops in the clogbarn, is it also possible to do clogtrips (by foot or by bike) or in combinations.
The clogtrips can be combined with the workshops and/or excursions.
Contact us for packages tailored specially for you.

Ask freely for more information