Go back in time

The original idea for the clogtrips, started in the clogsbarn in Aarle-Rixtel. In former times merchandise was sold at the door by bicycle, because more products could be carried on a bike. Clogmakers also sold their clogs that way. My dad sold clogs this way, and you can still see him riding is transportbike. This has been my inspiration to start the clogtrips, a nice complement to my profession as a clogmaker. It fits completely in the ambience of my profession. These genuine old transportbikes are not very comfortable and I have searched for bicycles that have the old looks, but the comfort of the present. I have found the right combination. (The clogtrips has been made possible by the Laarbeek municipality.)

You'll make the trip on a transportbike as merchant. All bikes have a different theme, from clogbike to scavenger. You will cycle with your merchandise allong the most beautiful and coziest places of Aarle-Rixtel (Laarbeek). The route is already planned out for you, potentially with a game element. Trips are about 15 km (3 hours). We can provide a typical Brabantse picnic basket on the go, with coffee and cake or lunch/dinner.

De clogtrips can also be extended with workshops and excursions.

Among other things:

  • Demonstration in the clogbarn
  • Workshop in the clogbarn
  • Excursion to the local history museum
  • Biological farmers/making mustard
  • Solex trips

What are the expenses?

From 15,00 euro p.p. (From 18,00 euro p.p. with coffee and cake)
Contact Het Klompenschuurtje for more information.

Get back in time

Walk with the old-fashioned wooden clogs through Aarle-Rixtel, while you enjoy the beautiful houses and special facades. You can enjoy a nice cup of coffee with sweets on the go, take the trip with or without a tour guide. The trips are about 2km long. The trips are also expendable with several workshops and excursion in and outside the clogbarn.

What are the expenses?

From 2,50 euro p.p.
Contact Het Klompenschuurtje for more information.

Ask freely for more information